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Monday, 3/30,    Jackrabbit Track & Field Bowie Relays    Tuesday, 3/24, Jackrabbit Baseball vs. Holliday, Lady Rabbit Softball vs. Holliday, Golf Day 1 District @ Runaway Bay, Jackrabbit Classic (HS Tennis) Day 1... Thursday, 4/2, Jackrabbit Classic (HS Tennis) Day 2, Golf Day 2 District @ River Creek (Burk)... Friday, 4/4,  Jackrabbit Baseball vs. Nocona, Lady Rabbit Softball vs. Nocona...


January Employee of the Month
Congratulations to Mrs. Suzan Holloway for being named the January employee of the month. Mrs. Holloway teaches math and directs the RtI program at the High School. Her dedication and dependability never goes unnoticed. She is constantly helping students reach their goals and is always there for the rest of the staff at Bowie High School when they need help. Mrs. Holloway is super intelligent and a great problem solver. She has taken the RtI program and developed a system that meets the needs of every student. It is obvious that Mrs. Holloway is very well respected by her students, colleagues, and administration. Bowie High School is a great place because of teachers like Mrs. Suzan Holloway.
EPIC January Student of The Month
Mandie is a Senior at Bowie High School. She is very well liked by her classmates and teachers. She is known for her contagious smile and great personality. Mandie’s senior year has started off a little rough to say the least. When visiting with Mandie earlier this week about being our student of the month, she was absolutely thrilled and gave me permission to share her unbelievable story of perseverance.

For those of you who don’t know, Mandie has lived in Bowie with her mother and gone to school here all her life. In September, Mandie’s mother had a stroke causing irreversible damage to one side of her brain. This caused memory problems as well as unpredictable and abnormal behavior. Nobody was there to help Mandie problem solve, but somehow, Mandie found a way. Doing things like laying down to sleep at night in front of the living room door to keep her mother from leaving the house and being creative with an iPad to help remind her mother of things the next day when nobody was around, Mandie found a way. A couple of months later, another stroke occurred damaging the other side of the brain. Just like that, Mandie and her mother’s role was switched. Mandie was now the caretaker of her own mother. What is amazing about it is, she has done all of this and continues to come to school, work, smile, and has a positive attitude. Since September, Mandie’s world has been completely changed. She is in the final stages of legally being named the power of attorney and guardian of her mother who now resides at Advanced Rehabilitation of Bowie. When asked how she has done it to this point she says, “I don’t know… I guess I just did whatever I had to do”. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Mrs. Shaw, Mandie has received and will hopefully continue to receive assistance from various community organizations and community members. She has a place of her own and is currently looking for job opportunities. Mandie’s plans for life after High School is to attend college to either become a teacher or possibly social worker. She says she wants to help people like those who have helped her.

Bowie High School is a great place because of students like Mandie Hicks.
EPIC Employee of The Month - David Hall
It is with great pleasure to announce Mr. David Hall as the EPIC Employee for the month of October. Every day you see David demonstrating all characteristics of an EPIC employee. He is an excellent role model for our not only our students, but our staff as well. His positivity is contagious within our staff and students. One staff member described Coach Hall as “a man of integrity and compassion, one who is always there for you, always willing to help”. David Hall works with teachers to help students in inclusion classes at the High School and also helps in the athletic periods. His rapport with the students is excellent and many students see him as a mentor. David is the Tennis Coach at Bowie High School which has recently dominated district competition in the spring. His passion for the sport combined with his passion for teaching/mentoring/coaching students is easily witnessed if you’ve ever been to one of his practices or meets. Bowie High School is a great place to work and go to school because of people like David Hall.
EPIC Student of The Month - Ralie Sutton
Ralie Sutton is the EPIC Student of the Month for the month of October. Ralie is a Jr. at Bowie High School. Ralie is extremely enthusiastic, energetic, and a positive role model. Ralie is a BHS cheerleader, who has been instrumental in leading charge of increased school spirit at Bowie High School this year. Ralie is also in the PALs program at Bowie High School where she works with younger students at other campuses within the school district. Her teachers say “Ralie exhibits honesty, respect, and leadership every day in the classroom. She is a mentor to her teammates and classmates in and out of school. She holds herself accountable, wishes the best for everyone around her, and is respected by all students and teachers.” Bowie High School is a great place to go to school because of students like Ralie Sutton.
EPIC Employee of The Month Greta Walker
Our EPIC employee of the month does more behind the scenes than most people realize. She is never one to want the spotlight. She simply just wants to help whoever she can whenever she can. Many teachers and administrators know they can count on her when they are in need of assistance. Sometimes we don’t even realize she has solved problems in the office before they even get to us. She is the one many teachers come to when they need someone to listen to them about not just issues at work, but issues and struggles in their personal lives. She has a great awareness of when people are in need and does all she can to help them through whatever struggles they are having. She demonstrates Excellence daily in her job duties, Positivity radiates from her and is contagious to those around her, and has possibly the most Integrity and Compassion of anyone I have ever worked with. Personally, I think the world of her. I don’t say it enough, but I am truly grateful, honored, and very lucky to have her working by my side daily. I’m extremely proud of her and excited to announce Mrs. Greta Walker as our EPIC employee for the month.
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Jackrabbit Track & Field
Date: 3/30/2015
Location: Bowie VB, VG, JVB
Jackrabbit Baseball
Date: 3/31/2015
Location: Holliday JV 5:00pm, Varsity 7:30pm
Jackrabbit Golf
Date: 3/31/2015
Location: District Round 1 Runaway Bay CC, Bridgeport
Jackrabbit Tennis
Date: 3/31/2015
Location: Jackrabbit Classic
Lady Rabbit Softball
Date: 3/31/2015
Location: Holliday @Bowie 5:00 - 7:00 JV-V