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Tuesday, 2/22, Jackrabbit and Lady Rabbit basketball @. Nocona 4:00 start...  Friday, 2/5, Jackrabbit and Lady Rabbit basketball vs. Jacksboro 4:00 start (Senior Night)... Saturday, 2/6, Lady Rabbit Softball scrimmage @Arlington Heights Ft Worth, 11:00 start...


January Employee Of The Month : Cindy Wheeler

Cindy is the High School Registrar and PEIMS Clerk. Her job is one of the most important, busiest, and often most thankless job at the High School. She has a ton of different tasks to do daily and these tasks are very hard to get completed before the end of each day. She does student withdraws, enrolls new students, keeps track of attendance including when, where, and who is gone on extracurricular events and/or field trips, grades and grade verifications, just to name a few. Obviously, keeping track of 450+ students for eight periods can lead to a large number of errors daily. Cindy accepts this task and does an excellent job of meeting the goal of being error free. What she is known for at the High School is her calm, sweet, and very polite demeanor. One teacher says, “No matter how many times I screw up, she is always so willing to help me, and she does it all with a smile. Any time I have a question about something, if she doesn’t know the answer, she will find out the answer from someone who does. She always responds to any problems right away. She is just a real pleasure to work with.” The High School faculty and staff appreciate her attitude and love being around someone who is so nice to everyone she meets. Although she probably doesn’t even realize it, her politeness is contagious. Just being around her makes you a better person. The administration recognizes her willingness to do a great job and appreciates Cindy for being a great first impression to new students and parents who are enrolling in our school. Cindy Wheeler is another great example of why Bowie High School is a great place!

January Student Of The Month: Cole Peace

Cole, a Junior at Bowie High School, could possibly be the most polite and respectful young man we have on our campus. His teachers say, “Cole always answers an adult with Sir or Ma'am. In classes that are difficult, he puts forth 110% to do his best.” One teacher says they have seen Cole in situations where most students would get frustrated and give up, but not Cole. He stays calm and stays on course to reach his goal. One of the nice things about Cole is you know what kind of attitude and effort you are going to get from him. He is a pleasant individual who exhibits kindness, respect and compassion at all times while continuing to work hard in and out of the classroom to be the best student and best person he can be. It is students like Cole Peace who make BHS a great school!

December Employee Of The Month : Tabatha Jones

Tabatha is one of our math teachers and our cheerleading sponsor at Bowie High School. Tabatha is one of those people who will do anything to help anyone. She also doesn’t mind taking risks. When she sees a student need, she seeks out ways to meet those needs. One example of this was her willingness to help struggling students outside of class. She knew many of the students in the month of December were going to be out of her class for various extracurricular events and decided to meet their by posting a YouTube video of her semester exam review. She did this so students could refer back to the video as many times as they needed to help them review for their exam. While this took some time for Tabatha to learn how to us the interactive whiteboard for an iPad called Doceri, she knew the time would be worthwhile because it would help her students. Her investment in time paid off huge as her pre-calculus students benefited greatly. Not only is Mrs. Jones a risk taker, she is also a great example of someone who puts others first. She is known for trying to create an environment for her students and her cheerleaders that is rewarding and fun. This isn’t an easy task, but something that Mrs. Jones works hard at and something that her students, cheerleaders, and administrators greatly appreciate. Tabatha Jones is another great example of why Bowie High School is a great place!

December Student Of The Month: Amanda Wilson

. Amanda, a senior at Bowie High School, shows a desire to be absolutely perfect in all areas of her school work. Her teachers explain how Amanda doesn’t get many opportunities to learn from mistakes because she very rarely makes mistakes. Her teachers go on to explain how Amanda is always prepared for class and always does her very best work. One of Amanda’s teachers say they usually are asking for their students to be more focused instead of more relaxed, but not so with Amanda. Amanda admits she has a hard time relaxing and plans to work on that in 2016, but her strength and what she is known best for is her ability to focus and be very detailed. She is obviously a person who gives her best effort and is a joy to have in class. It is students like Amanda Wilson who make BHS a great school!

Mock EOC

Jan. 26 Mock EOC English I – All 9th grade students will be off campus until 6th period for Mock EOC
Jan. 28 Mock EOC English II – All 10th grade students will be off campus until 6th period for Mock EOC

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Jackrabbit Baseball
Date: 2/8/2016
Location: Hit-A-Thon @ Mineral Wells 12:00PM
Jackrabbit Basketball
Date: 2/9/2016
Location: @City View 4:00 5:15 8:00
Lady Rabbit Basketball
Date: 2/9/2016
Location: @W.F. City View * 04:00 06:30
Jackrabbit Basketball
Date: 2/12/2016
Location: *Boyd 4:00 4:00 5:15
Lady Rabbit Softball
Date: 2/12/2016
Location: @Argyle Argyle/Pilot Point Varsity 5:00 - Scrimmage