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June Employee of the Month - Brittany Powers

It is a pleasure to give the Employee of the Month award to Brittany Powers. Brittany is a part of the Bowie ISD support service staff and is in charge of all custodial services at Bowie High School. Besides being a hardworking and dedicated individual to Bowie ISD, Brittany displays all the characteristics that makes Team Bowie so special. She is nice, friendly, always willing to lend a hand and assist anyone who needs help. She is soft spoken and tries extremely hard to not step on anyone’s toes while performing her job responsibilities. She is very thoughtful and enjoys friendly conversations with her colleagues. She is simply a good person and a pleasure to work with. Brittany has expressed her gratitude to the administration for being treated just as important as any of the teachers at Bowie High School which personally left me speechless. Like several of you, I had Brittany in class while she was a student at Bowie High School and I’m sure you are just as proud of her as I am. Be sure and tell her congratulations and how proud you are of her the next time you see her. It’s people like Brittany Powers who make Bowie High School great!

April Employee of The Month - Anja Schafer

Anja Schafer is the April employee of the month. Anja is known around campus for her unique personality. Anja always seems to have a smile on her face and looks to make others feel good about themselves. She has a fun and very witty sense of humor that students enjoy. Her organizational skills are excellent and her attention to detail is phenomenal. Anja does a great job questioning students in class to see what they think about certain things. She encourages students be individuals and to not be persuaded easily by the ideals of others. She encourages students to think for themselves and to not be afraid to think outside of the box. Anja teaches all of the English III classes and both AP English III and English IV at the High School. She is also the campus academic UIL sponsor and Prom sponsor. Students, staff, and parents are always impressed by the detail put into the Bowie High School Junior/Senior Prom. This year was no different. Bowie High School is lucky to have teachers like Anja Schafer, not only for her ability to teach, but also for her dedication and effort to our students outside of the classroom.

April Student of The Month - Halie Moses

Halie Moses is the April student of the month. Halie, a Junior at Bowie High School, is another great student attending Bowie High School. One of her teachers say they feel truly blessed to have students like her in their classroom. They go on to say Halie always has a smile on her face , and is willing to volunteer or do whatever is asked of her. In her Horticulture class, Halie said yes to crawling on top of the greenhouse to help put shade cloth back on for the spring season even though she has a small fear of heights. She also volunteered to help plant trees donated from Atmos Energy. Her teachers say she is shy and will probably be upset with them for being recognized as student of the month because she doesn’t like attention drawn her way, but they say she is well deserving of the award.

March Employee of The Month - Jennifer Clements

Jennifer Clement is the March employee of the month. Jennifer teaches English and works with students who receive special education services. She is a lead teacher in the special education department and is responsible for teaching other staff members how to properly complete certain special education paper work for ARD meetings. Mrs. Clement also helps the counselors schedule students in classes and organizes the paraprofessional’s inclusion schedule. What makes Jennifer so good is her love for students. She is not only a mother to LB Clement, a junior at Bowie High School, she is also the campus adopted mother to many of our students. She has worked diligently to get students the things they need at school like school supplies and school clothes. What many people don’t see is what she does outside of school for her students. She has made it her mission to make sure the students who may be having some economic difficulty still get the opportunity to experience the same things as their classmates. Helping students find a way to get senior pictures, get their cap and gown, and make a plan after high school are just some of the things Mrs. Clement does for students at Bowie High School. Students at Bowie High School are lucky to have a campus mother like Jennifer Clements!

March Student of The Month - Brian Tompkins

Brian Tompkins s the March student of the month. Brian is a Senior at Bowie High School, a member of the Spanish Club, and one of the nicest guys at Bowie High School. He has received outstanding achievement awards in algebra II honors, biology, business information management, computer programming, chemistry, English I and II, livestock production, Spanish III, US and world history, and world geography. Brian is very well liked by his teachers and classmates and represents the senior class with dignity and pride. Brian plans to go to Tarrant County College in Ft. Worth next year to pursue a certificate in aviation mechanics.

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