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Mr. Berry's Homepage

Celebrate we will
Because life is short but
Sweet for certain...
-Dave Matthews

Hello and welcome! My name is Judson Berry and I am a second year teacher, graduate of Tarleton State University. I am the Choir Director/Assistant Band Director. I enjoy movie, music, and spending time with my family. I have been married to Kristi for 3 years. We have three dogs named Bevo, Melody and Bailey.

School Schedule:
1st Period: High School Band
2nd Period: High School Choir
3rd Period: Conference Period
4th Period: Junior High Choir
5th Period: Junior High 7/8 Band
6th Period: Music Appreciation
7th Period: Clarinet/Saxophone
8th Period: Flute/Percussion

I have a Remind101 account setup for many classes. Remind 101 is "Remind" and it works the same as the previous app. To join a course, have the Remind app open and insert the course code.

Bowie Junior High 6th Grade Band:
Course Name- BJH 6th Grade Band
Course Code-@bjh6band

Bowie Junior High 7th & 8th Grade Band
Course Name- BJH Band 7&8
Course Code-@bjhband7-8

Bowie Junior High Choir:
Course Name- BJH Choir
Course Code-@bjhc

Bowie Junior High Jazz Band:
Course Name- Jr High Jazz Band
Course Code-@bjhjazzers

Bowie High School Choir
Course Name- BHS Choir
Course Code-@rabbitsing