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Class Rules and Policies

Ms. Gray
Algebra I - Bowie High School
Conference Period: 8th period, 2:46 – 3:34
Room: 285
Tutorial Times: before and after school

Classroom Rules:
1. Be Prompt – Arrive on time. Turn in all work on time.
2. Be Prepared – Bring all required materials (completed work, graphing calculator, pencil) to class each day. Students need to be ready to listen, think, and learn.
3. Be Polite – Show respect to teacher and to other students.

Grading Policy:
- Daily grades 50% (Classwork, Homework, Quizzes, 6-weeks exams)
- Tests 50% (Unit or chapter tests)
Late Work Policy:
Homework is due at the start of class. If it is unavailable (left at home, in locker, lost), it is considered late.
- 1 day late – no higher grade than a 70.
- 2 days late – no higher grade than a 50
- 3 days late – grade will be a 0
Make up work policy:
It is the responsibility of the student to request all make up work, including daily work, quizzes, and tests. Tests need to be rescheduled at the discretion of the instructor. On all other make up work, student will have one day for each day absent plus a day to make up the work.
For all planned absences, i.e. field trips, athletics, etc., student must request work in advance and work is due no later than the first day back.

Teaching Procedures:
Most classes will be conducted as follows:
1. Quick questions on last night’s homework will be answered and homework will be graded and turned in.
2. A new lesson will be presented. Students will be given notes over the lesson. Students will be expected to fill in their notes as I teach and complete problems so that I can check for understanding.
3. The remainder of the period will be used for working problems related to that day’s lesson. Homework will be graded and recorded daily.
4. Tests will be given over groups of units and/or at the end of the chapter.
5. Students will be aware of when quizzes and tests will be given. Reviews will always be given for unit/chapter tests.
Discipline Procedures:
- First Offense – Verbal warning
- Second Offense – Call to parents/guardians. I will also make contact with coaches and band director if needed.
- Third Offense – Discipline referral to office.
Other Policies:
1. I prefer that all work be done in pencil.
2. Work must be shown to receive full credit for all assignments. No work = No Credit. I do understand that there will be some problems that can be answered without showing work.
3. Students who do not pass a test may raise their grade by retaking a similar test. Test corrections must be completed prior to retaking a test. These corrections must be done during tutorials. The two tests will be averaged for a final grade.
4. Corrections on homework and quizzes can be done during tutorials before or after school. Corrections should be done on a separate sheet of paper. They must be done within 1 week of grading the assignment.
5. Students can be exempt from semester exams. This is based on grades and attendance. It is in your best interest to keep up with your grades and attendance in each of your classes. You can do this by using Parent Portal on your i-pads.
Class Goals:
1. Pass the class and end-of-course test to get credit.
2. Improve previous year’s scale score on standardized tests.
3. Have good attendance and grades in order to be exempt from semester exams.