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"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing"

The focus of the World History course will be the study of the historical development of people, places, and patterns of life from ancient times until today. The course will also cover different governments, religions, cultures, people, revolutions, and wars that have shaped human history. Students will use historical and geographical analysis skills to explore the history of the world.
World History Year at a Glance:
• Early Civilizations (8000BC-500BC)
• Classical Civilizations (500BC-600AD)
• The Middle Ages in Europe (600AD-1450AD)
• The Middle Ages in Asia and Africa (600AD-1450AD)
• Renaissance, Reformation, and Globalization (1450AD-1750AD)
• Social, Scientific, and Economic Revolutions (1750AD-1914AD)
• Political Revolutions (1750AD-1914AD)
• Global Conflicts from WWI to WWII
• Global Issues Post WWII
• Current Global Issues
*Unit assessments will be given at the completion of each Unit

Conference Time: 2nd Period

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